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Trophies at CyberCare

Finding a purpose

Our team makes the techworld easy for millions of people each year by providing customer support solutions for leading global IT products, such as NordVPN and Surfshark.

Making an impact

Developing cutting-edge solutions that revolutionize customer service automation and make a tangible impact on user experiences is on our daily agenda.

Joining a winning team

Our team of 400+ driven professionals in Vilnius, Kaunas, and Lviv champions growth and supports each other every step of the way.

About CyberCare

As a member of the Tesonet accelerator's family, CyberCare shapes the way tech companies provide customer support by adding a human touch mixed with a splash of innovative solutions.

Ever heard of AI Labs?

AI Labs, a part of CyberCare, craft customer service automation solutions, making the techworld easy. A dedicated team of tech geeks is shaping a new approach to how AI can complement human interactions and enhance the customer service experience.

Let's focus on you

Trophy hunting or not, experienced or taking your first steps into the techworld – we'd love to get to know you. Check out our open positions at