April 26, 2021

A job that keeps you stimulated, even when the world stands still

by Kristė Oster

Customer Success Team Lead

Just a bit more than a year ago, my life and career could have gone in any direction, but Cybersecurity? What? Me?

Boy, oh boy, how that changed. I was a drama graduate, backpacker, livin’ la vida loca in Hanoi, Vietnam. Fast forward one year, I’m a cybersecurity geek, low-key IT guru and a team lead of 19 cool peeps. 

Even though IT was very new to me, my language knowledge, attitude and dedication were enough to get started. From the very beginning, I was bombarded with opportunities to learn and gain the knowledge needed. From really intense, detailed onboarding training to EQ workshops and even side projects, where you get a chance to develop your skills in sales, social media, or leadership. It keeps me buzzing!  

My fears that life without traveling will be plain and unstimulating were quickly dead and gone. So so soooo much is happening here, working alongside a bunch of mega-brainy people with products that have a huge global following fulfilled my need for adventure and novelty. 

Self-development is one thing, but having a good life-work balance is another thing that is very important to me. Like many of us, I started here as a Customer Success Manager and for the first time ever, I had to work night shifts. I thought that my social life and hobbies would be just a fond memory of mine. But guess what? Working during not-so-regular hours gave me another perspective of time management. The more you do, the more you get done. And those early morning hours, when the sun is slowly rising above the sleeping city, are somewhat magical. 

I guess what I am trying to say, CyberCare values attitude and dedication. Once that is present, knowledge and skills are simply given to you if you are willing to take them.

 If you’re cool – we’re cool!

The cybersecurity adventure never stops. It is a job that keeps you stimulated, even when the world stands still.