August 23, 2022

All around the world with CyberFriends

by Ieva Paukštytė

Customer Success Manager

I think most of us can remember that gut-wrenching feeling when coming to a new workspace. All you can think about is whether will I match the vibe of the people working there? Should I try to make friends close at my workplace or do I have to keep things business casual? Will I make such a connection with my colleagues, that we will become life buddies that can hang out even after work hours?

If you ever felt like that, I can assure you that there’s no place like CyberCare to make about a ton of true friends! This is coming from a person who went from being extremely anxious about meeting new people for the first time, to traveling to another country with my Cyber peeps and my best pet friend Kaštonas.

It all started about two months ago when I had an idea where to go vacationing after a long, stressful year (finally, right?). The idea of a holiday usually starts to feel like “-Ah! I’m going to sleep for 48 hours straight and do nothing for the next four days of my time” – I was intrigued by this option, not going to lie, but then I thought to myself – okay, I can do this anytime actually, that’s not a fulfilling, well-deserved vacation after all (sorry for all the staycation lovers out there), and spontaneously started to ask when are my coworkers going away as well – to my luck, I found two people, that also felt the same way and had the exact vacation time as me! Never did I know, that this will be the beginning of one of the most fun vacations I had…

The location came quite easy, we wanted something near and that felt a bit like home, so where better than to visit our dearest Braliukai in Latvia? Okay, decided, next. Now for the booking of the place – I had the idea of getting a usual Hotel in the city center, although – hey! – if we want to have a little bit of unusual fun, what else could be booked? A mansion. Yes, a 400-hear-old mansion in Liepāja. Okay, now what?

Well, why not include a fourth friend on this trip – the more the merrier! I took my dearest friend Kaštonas with us, already being apologetic to my new friends for the mess he might make, although let’s forget that for a moment, and skip forward to the overall trip – we walked through the beach as it was Kaštonas first time seeing the sea in his life, so the moment felt quite adorable – seeing how funny dogs walk on sand and chase the waves with a bark. Truly, amusing.

We had our fair share of lying on the beach and enjoying the serenity of the moment along with the late-night views of the sea with some pizza and non-alcoholic cocktails. The vibe was just impeccable to describe it to you. There was a fire show the same week as well with very rad people rocking some moves. Latvians know how to party and chill, that’s all I can say.

Coming back to the mansion – the late evening board games with some Italian pasta carbonara and a little bit of tea spilling in a place, where people lived back around 400 years ago, drew us even closer. To think about what those walls have heard for the past decade or two was a great opportunity to get to know Latvia’s history timeline and feel a part of it.

We finished the trip with a short walk around Riga’s old town and enjoyed being tourists in a place that felt like home after the week of being there. The people, the place, and the overall trip made me understand that no matter where you work or what community is around you, always take the chance to move your surrounding and take some wack people with you along the way. We’re all here for a brief moment of this world’s history, so do we really have anything to lose? And you might think, what is there to gain? Easy – people that went from being just my coworkers to people I can truly call my dearest friends and an amazing memory that will cast a bit of light on those late winter evenings when you start to feel lonely.

All in all, shout out to all the Braliukai in Latvia for this time and dearest wishes from me, Deividas, Klaudijus, and of course, Kaštonas! Till next time!