August 05, 2022

CyberCare is expanding to Ukraine!

by CyberCare

CyberCare cybersecurity product service center expands operations in Lviv, Ukraine. It is planned to employ 10 customer service specialists at the initial stage and 100 by the end of next year.

CyberCare, a Tesonet Group company, is growing at a rapid pace and the search for development directions continues. Vilnius is becoming an increasingly competitive place, which is why the search for places where people can be effectively employed is constantly sought.

“Ukraine was not chosen by chance – there are a lot of educated young people there, the necessary skills are concentrated there. Of course, it is important to help our friends who are also fighting for our freedom”, said Dainius Vanagas, director of UAB CyberCare, about the development in Ukraine.

According to D. Vanagas, the first team will become a kind of ambassadors of “CyberCare” in Ukraine. And the employment of people in the war zone contributes to Ukraine’s economy.

In order to maintain the objectives set by the company, no exception is made for the candidates: the requirements remain to be fluent in English, to understand the basics of technological knowledge and to ensure a smooth relationship between the product and the online customer.

“All CyberCare employees, without exception, participate in a two-week entry-level training that takes place both live and remotely. Ukrainians will be trained remotely and will have their own team leader, but they will be able to consult managers working in Lithuania and will be included in all ongoing processes of the organization,” commented HR manager Raminta Daukšienė on the situation regarding the recruitment of employees.