May 25, 2023

CyberCare Values in Daily Life

by Oleksandra Tsymbaliuk

Team Lead

Oleksandra Tsymbaliuk, the freshly new Team Lead in CyberCare Ukrainian department. Nevertheless the team is still forming, she has an ambitious plan to reach targets together with her team and provide the best service for CybeCare customers. Ambitious! And the main thing mentioned by Oleksandra – is to make sure that her team is cared for and they feel comfortable, they want to stay with CyberCare and grow with us. 

“Customer support is about help and patience. And patience is the key here, in this job. Customer support is about caring. It is kind of a reassurance that whenever you buy something or subscribe to something, you know that you have a safety net where you could fall down if anything happens. Sometimes customers don’t really know the product, and they need more time to adjust to whatever it has to be. When you are patient with them, and when it’s actually useful and it gives out real advice that is helpful,” Oleksandra shared her thoughts about customer support.   

CyberCare works with clients all over the world. And there could be some situations or misunderstandings due to cultural differences. “I had my fair share of experience with different customers from literally all over  the world. But I don’t feel like there’s actually cultural differences, since you rarely talk on some specific topics. It’s usually all about the issue at hand and sometimes you can drop a joke and it’s fine. So I haven’t felt cultural differences. I guess this also points to our customer support that we make everyone feel welcome.” 

Could CyberCare’s values be used in daily life? Oleksandra thinks if you have at least a part of those values in your DNA, you are making good things happen. 

I’ll start from the bottom – cybercareship. I think it is basic, because we work like teamwork. Cybercareship is always about helping and being there for each other and it doesn’t only need to apply to some work terms. No, it says that you’re just there for that person. For example, sometimes feeling down and it’s not our best day. And it’s in your hands at some point to help make that day a little bit better: a coffee break or bringing some sort of candy, or just to hear them out. And I do apply that in my everyday life as well. 

I guess everyone is always striving to be better to perfect themselves, which is incredible. And PROgression is all about that. I live by the rule that when you figure out something new every single day, that means you’re moving forward. And as soon as you stop, you’re not progressing anymore, you’re just staying there and it’s not good. Especially in today’s world when everything’s moving so quickly. I can see in our office that everyone is trying to get better when they’re trying to get some new knowledge. It’s incredible to see how passionate people are about their work and how much they want to get better, to be better for themselves and for the customers and for the whole world. 

I think Wow! Drive you can see from day one like from the interview stages, if you’re trying to get a job in CyberCare, or from the newbies’ training, or from your first day of actually working with people. It just brings that kind of impression on you. I remember when I first started, I was like “wow!”. Wow! Drive means we’re trying to surprise in a good way and we were trying to make an impression, and I feel like we’re doing good.”