June 14, 2021

CyberValues that unite the team

by Ernest Potopachin

Customer Success Manager

Building a thriving community is not only about making a strategic plan but it’s also about sharing a value to which people can relate and feel themselves at home. Here at CyberCare, we have not 1 but 3 values at the same time. You may ask, “3 values, isn’t that a bit crazy?

Well, hold tight, since those are the 3 main ingredients that make a dish for which even Gordon Ramsay would go crazy!

Wow!drive – yes, you heard me right, we dare to combine those two outstanding words into one because ‘Doing a little extra’ is the rule which makes us reach new heights daily. Providing an in-depth answer, additional opportunities to learn something new and most importantly – valuing the additional effort. We are here to create that “WOW!” experience and drive our customers & colleagues crazy with satisfaction.

Here comes my personal favorite – PROgression. Once upon a time, you probably heard that the first trait in becoming professional is to have the ambition to become one… Guess what? At CyberCare, we will turn this ambition into a reality! You will probably confuse your team with your family, and I am not lying. As soon as you experience an issue and share it with us, you will receive a response and be taught to handle it so quickly that the issue will start wondering, “Why do I hear boss music?!” And I am not joking. It takes approximately 15 minutes to receive a solution on any issue from your colleagues. We learn and teach each other every day.

The third but certainly not the last value is – CyberCareship. Yes, I’ve already told you that you won’t be alone in trouble in case of an issue but hold tight! As soon as you start your career here, you will understand that it is not only about becoming a PROfessional or experiencing the Wow!drive of our community. It is about something more. Laughing, dancing, celebrating, we are here to share those moments together and melt even the coldest area of your heart. The friendly vibe, constant events, freely accessible learning material on different topics – all of this you will find here. 

Being united together under those 3 values is more than just a statement of our company.

Those are the essential parts that combined together start yielding outstanding results. We are more than just your friendly neighborhood tech company. We are – CyberFamily.