December 19, 2022

Diversity surrounded by CyberCare Christmas bells

by Roberta Mikulskytė

Customer Success Manager

The more you feel included and welcome, the more engaged you are. You get the tingle of being more connected at work and ready to go the extra mile for the organization. Creating a diverse workplace can bring all of us together and let us work effectively without any fear or discomfort. And I can proudly say – that’s how I feel at CyberCare.

Coming into a new workplace can be challenging to the point where you constantly overthink whether you’re going to fit in or not. Many unknown faces, many hallways, and fear of tripping over and embarrassing yourself is definitely there. But everything goes away the second your training team meets you. All information needed for the working environment is presented in a comforting way, which was already a good sign for me. Getting to know each other and the company helped me get rid of every last bit of anxiety I had left and see what more the company has in store for us.

On 15th December CC people celebrated Christmas in the office by gathering everyone together and learning about the different cultures of people from other countries. We had the chance of hearing about Christmas traditions in Ukraine, India, Indonesia, Armenia and of course, our home country Lithuania. The room felt warm (not sure if that was from the hot cocoa from the snacks table) but so were the people. The host of the event made sure everyone felt relaxed and spoke his mind with a great sense of humor. Listening to speakers talk proudly about their customs and delivering it with a joke or a smile really made the atmosphere. The audience was into it and that’s what made it more special. Like a true sense of belonging.

Even before the event, you could see people bonding together over hot tea or cocoa and peeling mandarins together, which is the most Christmas-y thing to do. I was met by my Team Lead Laima, who is always filled with joy and smiles, and I forgot I’m actually in my workplace where people genuinely happy to see you. After learning about amazing traditions from the speakers, our ears were blessed by the talented colleagues who played well-known Christmas songs. In the end, hearing “Can’t Help Falling in Love” in the dim lighting with a cosy decorated tree was truly a cherry on top. Loud cheers from the audience felt like you were in one big family evening get-together.

I guess that’s what it is. What a workplace environment with diversity and inclusion feels like. Everyone deserves a supportive and friendly working space, where people feel comfortable sharing their mind and confident their ideas won’t be shot down. The organization’s culture is enhanced when all people with different backgrounds are welcomed and celebrated, from language, religion, gender, or country. And that’s what I think matters. A very heartwarming feeling when CyberCare treats its people like real human beings, and everyone feels valued. I’d say stronger culture has a positive impact on everything.