January 15, 2024

Find the Path. Embracing the Change

by Laurynas Laibinis

Junior Risk Specialist @ Surfshark

Two years ago, Laurynas kicked off his adventure as a Customer Success Manager. As time went on, he found himself craving personal growth and wanting to dive deeper into understanding potential risks—those that could affect both customers and our company. Following this drive, Laurynas has smoothly transitioned into his new role as a Junior Risk Specialist at Surfshark.

“I have always been passionate about working with complex cases. I felt that this was an excellent opportunity for me to try myself out and experience new challenges. Now I’m closely working with payment and risk-related topics, which were my favourite as a CSM.”

To get ready for his new job and make the shift as easy as possible, Laurynas worked together with his Team Lead. They shared some great advice on the best ways to prepare for a new role, like doing research and what to expect in interviews. This teamwork made Laurynas’ transition way smoother than if he had tackled it on his own.

“I believe our collaboration made a big impact on my success, as CyberCare was my first job ever, and I did not have a lot of prior experience in preparing myself for interviews.”

Our CyberCarer shared that being a Customer Success Manager before really came in handy. It’s because he was already familiar with the platforms he uses every day now!

“Not only did working as a Customer Success Manager make my new job easier for me, but the onboarding process went a lot smoother. Having worked with our customers previously, I can anticipate what problems we may encounter and what solutions we can offer to resolve any issues. Applying to a new position internally has a lot of benefits that may not seem obvious at first.”

Laurynas also believes that taking things one step at a time is important, as you do get to learn quite a lot of new information, and at times, it can feel overwhelming.

“Of course, it is also important to ask for help if you need some, as we cannot do everything all by ourselves, nor are we living knowledge bases. Some of us may be more proficient in certain topics than others As such, cooperation is highly valued and is necessary. It is also worth mentioning that showing initiative and taking ownership of projects goes a long way!”