August 21, 2023

Find the Path. From Customer Service to Technical Writing

by Rytis Gabalis

Junior Technical Writing @ Nord Security

We proudly position ourselves as the first step in the realm of IT careers — but what is it like standing on that step? And where can it lead you? Our former colleague Rytis found his answers. From customer service and shift management, Rytis successfully transitioned his competencies into the field of technical writing at Nord Security.

Rytis started his career journey with CyberCare two years ago. He first became a customer success manager, answering customer inquiries and troubleshooting various issues related to one of the VPN products. Time and experience made Rytis an expert on all matters related to the product, so he began taking on additional responsibilities, such as editing the internal knowledge base articles and macro responses. These were the first glimpses into Rytis’ future.

While working at CyberCare, I learned much about how the VPN product works. The overall knowledge helped me to start working effectively much faster than I otherwise would have. Also, taking on the additional tasks gave me a small taste of technical writing, and I managed to build a decent starting base.”

Later, Rytis would become a shift manager, which gave him invaluable experience managing people, tasks, and time.

As a shift manager, I had to juggle multiple tasks and ensure they were completed by the end of the working day. My work there taught me how to prioritize and divide my time between tasks.” Rytis later recalled that there was a significant difference between working environments regarding managing time.

At CyberCare, a standard working day consisted of 3 hours of answering tickets and 4 hours of live chats. I always knew what I needed to do and where I needed to be at any given moment. Now, there is no set schedule for your assigned tasks. You must keep track of your tasks and complete them before the deadline. But when you decide to work on them is your responsibility.

With deep product insights, experience in writing on technical topics, and precise time management, Rytis took all that he learned at CyberCare and applied for the technical writer role. Now, he is surrounded by new colleagues in a field he finds most suitable.  

Rytis was a CyberCarer who took valuable additions to his portfolio and work experience. He recommends reflecting on the work you are doing now.

“Are you confident that you are learning as much as you can? Are you participating in different projects and working on side tasks that pop up? Take as much as you can from CyberCare. The overall knowledge and skillset you can acquire will help you tremendously. Once you have decided that you want a career change, look for a position you think you will enjoy, and don’t be afraid to apply. Even if you don’t get selected for the role, you will gain valuable experience in the application process, which will help you in the future.”