October 25, 2023

Find the Path. Good Things Come To Those Who Try, Apply & Repeat

by Arnas Žilinskas

Sales Development Representative @ Nord Security

Arnas got his foot in the door of IT when he walked into CyberCare. He came determined to pursue a career in sales, and it was his persistence that got him through the multitude of challenges — all the way to his new desk at NordPass as a sales development representative. 

At first, it was about learning to adapt. Arnas’ work as a Customer Success Manager revolved around resolving connectivity issues — a position that won’t exactly teach one to sell. And yet, he found a way to grow. 

As I worked with one of the VPN product’s connection issues, I didn’t have many sales opportunities. So whenever I had a chance, I pushed that VPN product upsell.”  

In this way, Arnas learned the rudiments of persuasion. After troubleshooting sessions that would turn the customers’ frustration into gratitude, he would make their day better with an offer they couldn’t refuse. His skills would only get sharper as he attended internal workshops.

People from NordPass and NordLayer organized a masterclass for sales, selecting participants from CyberCare and outside organizations. Here, I saw the perfect opportunity to grow.” 

Yet, of all the lessons learnt, the most important one that Arnas received was about staying strong in light of rejection.

“Don’t be afraid to try a couple of times. I think it was my third or fourth attempt to join Nord Security, and I’m glad I tried more than once. I aimed to join roles that required good communication skills in English, and from all of the different roles and the assignments they presented, I learned valuable different approaches to dealing with different people.”