March 29, 2023

First Steps With CyberCare: From Anxiety to Excitement

by Meda Navickaitė

Customer Success Manager

My name is Meda and I’m studying Creative Communication. I started my career path in my teenage years and my path led me to my current job as a Customer Success Manager at CyberCare. 

It was a summer day, and like many students, I was looking to do some work throughout the academic year. CyberCare’s ad caught my eye, so I immediately sent my CV and was invited to a job interview. The interview consisted of a practical task and a final interview with the future team leader. I had no experience with computers, let alone with VPNs. To be honest, I had no idea what VPNs were for. But I was determined to learn and prove myself. As a communications student, replying to emails and handling chats seemed like something right up my alley. 

When I first started my new job, I was filled with a mixture of excitement and anxiety. I was excited to be working with a new team and learning a new product, but I was also worried about my limited knowledge of the technical side of the product. 

Fortunately, I had a great training specialist, Evita, who helped me quickly understand difficult concepts. What I appreciated most during my training with Evita was her patience and deep knowledge of the product. She used a number of real-word examples that helped me easily make sense of the product.  I was also able to ask questions and get feedback from Evita, which was invaluable in helping me progress as a total newcomer in this field.

As a Customer Success Manager at CyberCare, I’ve gained a ton of valuable knowledge and skills. I’ve developed great customer service skills, like being able to clearly communicate with customers, handle their complaints and concerns, and quickly provide support and assistance. I’ve also gained knowledge of best practices in cybersecurity, like data encryption, secure password management, and network security. All of these skills and knowledge have been invaluable in helping me become a successful Customer Success Manager. 

I’ve also learned a lot about the product and its features, as well as how to use it to meet the customers’ needs. Plus, I’ve picked up some sales and marketing skills, like identifying and targeting potential customers, creating compelling marketing materials, and closing deals. All these skills and knowledge I’ve acquired can be applied in various fields, like cybersecurity, customer service, sales, and marketing.

My experience as a Customer Success Manager in CyberCare is really invaluable. I’ve gained a wealth of knowledge and skills that can be applied in a variety of different industries. I’m grateful for the opportunity to work in this role and I’m excited to see what the future holds.