April 26, 2023

Gedas on the Stage: Constant Challenges Skyrocket Your Improvement!

by Gedas Levanauskas

Team Lead

The earlier you understand just how impactful customer support is for your service or product, the more customers will view your brand as the only option. With that mindset, last week, Gedas — who is responsible for one of customer support teams, shared his insights with designers and creators — students of Vilnius Tech! Gedas talked about his best moments and toughest lessons learned throughout his experience in sales and customer service.

What did I take from this experience?

The main points I took from this experience are perfectly described by CyberCare values Wow! drive and PROgression. I was thrilled to challenge myself by presenting ”Customer Service Mistakes and Lessons” in Vilnius Tech! It was a true WoW! challenge to give a presentation in front of a crowd of students for the first time. When I got on stage and started presenting, I was expecting my smartwatch to send alerts for high heart rate! But I quickly found my rhythm, and in the end, this experience further improved my self-confidence and presentation skills. All of this progression made me eager to look for a bigger audience and new challenges ahead!

Importance of customer support

A little practical exercise went a long way in showing the students how significant customer support is. Together, we pretended to buy an iPhone online. First, I asked how many of them use an iPhone and it seemed like a promotional video with so many different models raised in the air. I followed up with another question: who made their choice for a phone, based on technical specifications. Just a few hands were raised, which again highlights how differently we make decisions. We continued to examine in detail how the iPhone offer was presented on the webpage. We saw how the overall offer is, basically technical data with general sales phrases. This led to the point that only customer support agents can combine technical knowledge with personalisation and provide the fastest path to solution with best sales phrases.

Failures are just a part of your skyrocketing plan

Closer to the end of the presentation, we discussed the importance of fails in every aspect of our life. For example, when starting a new job we will try the most extraordinary things for our clients, and we will at times land face-first into dirt. Good news! Fails are just a part of the journey towards success. Throughout my whole experience in sales and team leading, I always saw people who took it too personally and after one case, thought all clients are bad, and that nothing is worth trying again. So how to deal with it? First understand WHAT happened? Where exactly was the mistake made — then HOW? Was it your mistake, what can you do most to fix it now or who do you need to involve for the problem to be solved. SOLUTION? So you know what happened and how, now you can reflect on what to do for the best solution and how to prevent failures in the future. Take new challenges! If you fail, take the lesson, move forward to your best version!