May 23, 2022

Gytis journey in the CyberCare world

by Gytis Endriukaitis

Team Lead

You might ask, why would the “CyberCare” logo be upside-down? Honestly, this is due to the fact that this company is the cause of my life having this vibe as well.

10 months ago I’ve started my path here, in the starting position of Customer Success Manager. I recall myself then having 0 knowledge or understanding what customer support or IT security is as a whole. However, during these months everything suddenly changed! Including my understanding, abilities, and motivation. This jump was so sudden I did not have the time to realize how major it is.

As long as I can remember I’ve always felt attracted to various discussions, debates, and conferences. Now,  I’ve had the chance to participate in a conference, but not as a listener, but as a speaker, spreading the word about my beloved company!

In this picture, you can see me with Gedvilė, just like myself, she started her path very similarly. Together, we had the chance to speak with people that took a minute to stop and talk to us. Warmest feelings flowed in while having these chats in regards to our amazing CyberCarer’s family. The majority of the people asked us “Where is the catch? Somehow it is hard to believe you have it so good!“. Just like that sunny Saturday, I’ll repeat myself – there is no “catch”! Everything is the plain truth.

Cybercare is breaking standards and launching careers of young people on a daily basis! Career opportunities, connections, the coolest team (FAMILY) the best parties in town – check! All that is required – motivation and good English language skills, everything else – we provide ourselves!