March 13, 2023

Leading with Purpose: Inspiring Teams to Achieve their Best

by Rasa Novagrockaitė

Senior Team Lead

Effective leaders understand the importance of factors that can enhance their teams’ performance. Personal motivation is crucial in driving exceptional performance and accomplishing goals, while effective collaboration is necessary to ensure that everyone is working towards the same objectives. Rasa, our Senior Team Lead, discusses the key ingredients that may help today’s leaders guide their teams to success.

In the customer service field, you can never predict the kind of problems that might arise on any given day, and that’s what makes it fascinating. Sometimes, customers’ issues may seem unusual, but each one must be investigated and handled professionally. It’s always possible that even the most unbelievable story could be true, so a customer support agent’s professionalism is crucial in determining whether or not to trust that person.

As a team, we strive to help one another grow. Developing a close bond with colleagues can provide valuable learning opportunities, but this requires openness to questioning both yourself and others. It’s natural for employees in the same organization to possess varying levels of expertise and knowledge. As a manager, you must be able to anticipate all scenarios while communicating, without disregarding the wealth of knowledge and experience at your disposal. This is precisely what my teachers did, and I endeavor to do the same.

Also, collaborating in a team allows you to approach the same issues from multiple angles. While your own judgment may seem sound, it could appear entirely different from the perspective of other team members. Sharing knowledge and experiences with colleagues and management enables you to tackle difficult situations from various viewpoints and ultimately discover the best solution. In such scenarios, generational differences can often lead to intriguing and unexpected decisions, as each generation has its unique goals and aspirations.

In my opinion, motivation is a fleeting state because everyone must discover what they enjoy and what propels them forward on a daily basis. For me, it’s crucial to derive satisfaction from my job, which is why I’m never hesitant to ask, “Do you like working here?” This question is critical because it prompts employees to reassess their work and whether or not they find it fulfilling. Without answering these questions, it is challenging to achieve any level of success. 

As a manager, I take responsibility for overseeing the procedures. However, I never assume that someone else can outperform me. In my view, there is always room for improvement and as a leader, I had to learn to delegate work, trust my employees, and maintain control over the processes. I have made a pledge to trust each member of the team until proven otherwise. At times, team members may doubt their abilities, and as a leader, it is my job to demonstrate my belief in them and refrain from intervening in the process until a specific outcome is achieved.