January 19, 2023

Mastering Data: Improving Quality, Enhancing Creativity

by Toma Strelčiūnė

QA Lead

You won’t believe what you can find in numbers. Our Quality Team Lead Toma challenges convention by sharing thoughts on how quality management and customer service are connected, as well as how data can be approached creatively.

Quality Management. Quality never sleeps: it is not enough to build procedures and then forget them. It is vital to stay current with businesses and the market – to constantly examine, automate or discard certain procedures. 

The quality department oversees all of the company’s activities while also paying particular attention to the smallest details – data. Data allows you to see the broader picture of operations, but understanding it requires a lot of creativity. Numbers may be boring, so using your creativity to describe it in an engaging, concise, and clear way might help.

Each task requires a unique solution and response. Depending on what you wish to emphasize, may also provide several options. No one will notice the organization’s strengths and weaknesses, what to improve, and what to further empower if quality specialists do not voice their insights.

Customer Service. Customer service and internal processes are strongly intertwined. Employees who do not comprehend the importance of a quality department limit the organization’s performance. If employees do not bother listening to the remarks and recommendations on how to improve performance, the effect may be detrimental to the entire company. Some mistakes can be quite costly. 

As a consequence, it is vital to initially communicate with your employees and explain that the quality department is about progress, not personal penalties. When customer service professionals embrace this, we may expect success in customer service in general.