July 28, 2021

Miglė and her tips on time management

by Miglė Savickaitė

Customer Success Manager

Hello! I’m Miglė, and I am trying to juggle my career in the CyberCare, studies at VU (bachelor degree in English Philology and minor studies in Pedagogy), and internship as a teacher in one of the schools in Vilnius. I always get told that I have the power of being everywhere at a time while staying on top of my tasks and maintaining a social life. I would like to share my experience! I always use my three key points in order to at least try and stay on time:

1.       I use my planner.
When there is a need to visit many places in one week and at the same time find a few minutes for yourself and friends, having everything written down is extremely helpful. Being a scribble-lover, I started bullet journaling three years ago, and now I am simply not able to maintain a peaceful life without it. An even more convenient solution would be trying out planner apps for a better-organized mind.

2.       I set my goals and priorities.
Having long-term and short-term goals helps me to stay motivated and find the reasoning in everything that I do. I plan my priorities weekly and try my best to tackle all of the most important tasks. What helps me to keep my sanity is never being hard on myself for not completing everything. I always have room for improvement, and I know that I am moving towards my long-term goals.

3.       I devote time to myself.
Having a good rest is my favorite and probably the most important part of handling many different activities. Pushing myself to the limits all the time never worked for me. To eliminate feeling burned out I have to rest and sometimes even pamper myself.

These are my ways of dealing with stress and pressure. All in all, if you ever have doubts – everything is possible! Sometimes it takes trial and error to find yourself, however, if you have an opportunity – go for it. Time management is a key in reaching successful goals and evolve my career @Cybercare.