August 30, 2021

Newbie’s journey in the CyberCare world

by Severija Kliukaitė

Customer Success Manager

Unexpected career change

Even though I was always interested in innovative, science, and technology-driven topics, my career and education never required a more profound technical knowledge in the IT field. I was studying and working toward my music industry career abroad. However, I always felt that I am missing home and familiar surroundings. The pandemic came and everything changed. Just like a lot of other fields, the music industry froze and life became quiet and passive.

One day, my friend contacted me asking how I was doing in these uncertain times. After expressing my feelings of homesickness and work struggles, she proposed an excellent idea.

She told me she is working in a fantastic company with a great team and the office back home, where they are searching for more initiative and fast learning people to work in the IT-based customer support position. The idea sounded intriguing and I decided to jump on the plane and go through the interview process.

Acquiring the needed knowledge

After the successful interview process, It all started with the onboarding week. I was greeted with a warm welcome from the training instructor and the rest of the newbies. Even though I was unsure where I was getting into, the knowledge I needed to start the job was delivered with simplicity and ease. The provided training material was engaging and interesting. It left me surprised by how fast time flew by.

After almost two weeks of training, I was confident enough to start working in the IT sector without the previously felt anxiety.

Life in the Cybercare world

The first day in the office left a delightful impression. The designated workplace was spacious and fully equipped with everything needed. Even in the free time, there is something for everyone’s interests. It does not matter if you are into chess, table tennis, or VR you can always find some engaging activities.

Nonetheless, my colleagues impressed me the most. They were all friendly, encouraging and never bothered to answer any of my questions, which helped me get on track with the rest of the team quickly. Up to this day, we laugh and share our struggles. Also, always look for the secret sauce for the best experience for our customers and ourselves.

An encouraging word for the future newbies

Even though many of my colleagues already had some prior experience in tech fields, I was never made to feel like I can achieve less than anyone else. All that matters is the eagerness to learn and the ability to work with and for people. Do not doubt yourself, bring a good vibe with you, and believe me, you will be able to dance with your colleagues like with your old friends at the next office party.

BONUS CONTENT. Why do my teammates like to work in Cybercare?

Justas – “The work environment in the office is a blessing for your heart. You can always work with a full tummy, surrounded by awesome people and a smile on your face.”

Gediminas – “Pastries on Fridays and cookies every day! On a serious note, I love to work with engaging, intelligent people who always created the best vibe in the office.”

Zygimantas – “Because I can share my knowledge on IT things, which in turn save a lot of headache for my colleagues.”

Simas – “The atmosphere and the environment, in general, is awesome. It feels like I am not working, but just trying to solve our client issues together with friends x)”

Edmundas – “I like working at CyberCare because I enjoy going through challenges and solving puzzles of the Cyberworld.”

Tomas – “I love the fact that provided the idea that I manage my time well, I may have mornings/evenings/daytime for my free time – that’s the advantages of working at night.”

Dominykas – “The work atmosphere is good and colleagues are cool.”

Lukas – “I love working in CyberCare because I’m a part of the best team here!”

Mantas – “I love working in Cybercare, because I have the most helping and loving team around me, plus, they let me be flexible with working days, so, that I could work and study at the same time.”

Benas – “I enjoy working with CyberCare because of the informal work culture, which makes me feel at home. Besides that, colleagues are awesome and help with tricky cases. Generally, I wish that more people could enjoy such relaxing work conditions as this is something to be proud of.”

Migle – “Firstly, my colleagues are great! Secondly, it is easy to have a good balance between work, education and free time.”