November 20, 2023

Setting Your Goals High And Your Ambitions Higher!

by Rytis Muralis

Senior Team Lead @ CyberCare

Three years ago, Rytis Muralis took his first step into the tech world at CyberCare as a Customer Success Manager. The most memorable moments during his time here were the first few weeks of working. He saw how casual and friendly everyone was, chit-chatting in the lounges, greeting each other with a genuine smile in the halls—it felt that there was an absence of the typical ‘corporate’ hierarchies. 

Today Rytis is CyberCare’s Senior Team Lead, who always has his opinions and a lot of questions, perhaps because he always has a vision of how things could be done and what he wants to achieve.

“I had only worked for a couple of weeks when I decided to seek the Team Lead position, as it was the most intriguing and challenging position at the time. I was sure it would be possible to get into this role as I saw how many learning and career opportunities CyberCare offered. And I did not think of any positions outside the Tesonet accelerator, as the people and their values really resonated with me.” 

Time management, multitasking, empathy, implementing ideas, public speaking, technical skills, and that’s not all! Rytis mentioned many skills he gained during his long tenure at CyberCare, progressing from Customer Success Manager to Shift Manager, and now to Team Lead, and finally, Senior Team Lead. What motivates him to learn so much and make changes in his work?

“The feeling that you have made a difference in your colleagues’ everyday work,  seeing a long project finally coming to an end and showing positive results, helping your team member in achieving their goal or having a career jump — that’s what motivated me the most and pushed me forward.”

Being a Team Lead is not only about career opportunities but also personal growth and responsibility. Rytis is involved in various projects, taking ownership of them from start to finish. He takes pleasure in observing the team’s growth and feels immense pride in the impact he makes. Naturally, mistakes may occur, but there’s always an opportunity to learn from them and encounter new possibilities daily. The truth is that some situations can become overwhelming and stressful, but Rytis believes that it all depends on one’s mindset and the perspective one chooses to adopt. 

“If you jump into the mindset of feeling overwhelmed and stressed, it will be challenging to concentrate on finding a solution. I’d say the most important thing is to prioritize your tasks and plan the whole day, week, month, or even quarter in a manner that ensures the completion of top-priority tasks. Don’t forget that you have a ton of experienced colleagues who can assist you along the way.”