November 14, 2022

Talent Whisperer: The Challenges and Opportunities in Recruitment Today

by Aistė Savičienė

Talent Acquisition Lead

‘You’ve got the job!’ – the words that every candidate dreams of hearing. But working in a fast-paced industry may be both demanding and exciting for both the candidate and the recruiter. Therefore, our Talent Acquisition Team Lead Aistė is sharing her thoughts on the challenges that recruiters face in today’s market.

🔍Recruitment. For the past 10 years, candidates have been dictating their terms, making it increasingly difficult to surprise and attract them. There are certain positions where two or three employers compete for the same candidate. A search for the right candidate may be compared to that of a detective, and accepting an offer could be viewed as a victory. Being interested in global and local market trends allows you to react more quickly to the situation during the hiring process: what candidates want, what they are looking for, what motivates them, etc. Candidates are becoming more focused on company values, such as what other principles or social activities the company supports.

⚖️Generation differences. The young generation faces the difficulty of fast career changes, even if the employee has not yet grown up in the position. This challenge is related to a rapid position transition because higher compensation and increased responsibilities are expected far too quickly. As a result, because the emphasis is on personal goals, the workplace as an organization is undervalued. This encourages companies to adapt to market needs and develop internal specialists, allowing employees to learn and progress within the company.

🤍Psychological knowledge and empathy. Empathy is essential for recruiters to understand a candidate’s expectations and needs. It is an opportunity to read between the lines, where that person can realize who they are and sometimes check if they are telling the truth. Feedback, honest comments about the suitability of the job, and ideas on what skills to develop are among the most important aspects that candidates seek. The specialist’s empathy and feedback help the candidate feel safe during the interview, even if they do not make it to the next hiring process round. Candidates will be grateful for your openness.

💡Leadership and management. What is clear to you may not appear so to others. Because we all have different experiences and perspectives on the world, the tasks that need to be done should be clearly communicated and goals must be discussed openly and without fear of rejection. Everyone should be treated uniquely since everyone is motivated differently. You grow as a person by getting to know other people and trying to understand their motivations.