April 07, 2021

Team leader is not about KPIs only. Romas insights

by Romas Zikas

Customer Success Team Leader

Keeping your team engaged and motivated is not an easy task. In my opinion, it is a massive responsibility of a leader – this topic has to be on one’s agenda at all times. I would like to share my ways and experiences towards this significant matter. I work with 25 young professionals who are all authentic and diverse. Even our nationalities, locations and work specifics are different – yet everyone manages to get along perfectly. I know that performance scores, KPIs and quality parts are essential – but “the fun element” is bonding my team together.

My team is working in different offices/countries and for some, it would be quite hard to feel the pulse without seeing each other daily. Instead of micromanaging my team, I put trust above all. Tip number one is to set clear objectives and give freedom. 1on1’s are the perfect time to discuss the workflow, bottlenecks, progress. Overall, results are not about hours spent and mini steps taken – the end goal matters. You may wonder what’s so special about that? My team created the insider rule – whoever exceeds the expectation has the privilege to bring the internal bonding idea to the table first. Meetings outside the office walls, having lovely walks around the city, enjoying the fresh air – you name it. If someone who reaches their targets does not feel like walking, we compete by playing games on PS4. It’s my team’s choice!

The second tip is an oldie, but my personal goldie. Do not underestimate TEAMBUILDINGS. Each quarter my team goes wild celebrating achievements – professional and personal. Despite all the hard work and effort to organize the event, it definitely pays off! The thing that shouldn’t be missed – participation for newbies is mandatory. All those inside jokes and best pictures are born during those couple hours together! One more thing – we have our own unique meme board, made from teambuilding memories. It is continuously filled, whether teambuildings are happening online or offline. The team who jokes together – achieves together!

Furthermore, no leader should forget to use simple recognition. It is crucial to notice your teammates going the extra mile, putting additional effort into their daily tasks. A simple compliment during a team meeting or a public post can make their day or even weeks significantly better! I remember a study that was made in the US about the importance of the smallest “thank you”. It said that more than 50% of people feel that management does not recognize strong job performance. If you are a team leader – I encourage you to do a much better job!

Fun elements, internal rituals and small rewards are the things that keep my team motivated. As a leader of 25 peeps, I surely know that my role is important not only to ensure the workflow. It is also about being a human in the first place – approachable, kind and of course, the one who ensures that our team building meme board is worth sharing.