April 13, 2021

Tesonet customer service department has grown: became a separate company – CyberCare

by CyberCare communications

The customer service department of the Tesonet Group becomes a separate cybersecurity support center CyberCare. CEO Dainius Vanagas says that the company will operate independently from now on and continue to be a significant part of the Tesonet ecosystem. CyberCare promises to create at least 150 new jobs with a continuously growing team and expand to 500 employees in the coming years.

“We hope to successfully develop an autonomous business model that will help us grow the number of internet companies that entrust us with their customer service. With the focus on machine learning and AI, we are confident to exceed the expectation and deliver the best experience for every customer globally,” says CyberCare CEO Dainius Vanagas.

In collaboration with companies such as Google, LogMeIn and other major market players, the customer service center has already accumulated a huge knowledge base, making it one of the key company’s goals – desire to repay the debt to Lithuania and share it with other companies.

“We plan to organize events where our experts and managers of other companies would share their insights. We also want to advise start-ups who may find it too expensive to access the sources of knowledge they need. We see it this way- we are not competitors in the market, but colleagues willing to show the right direction. Therefore, sharing of the best practices promotes the development of the customer support field,” says D. Vanagas.

The CyberCare team currently consists of more than 350 customer service professionals supporting customers from 170 countries worldwide. The company provides solutions to more than 11 million customer inquiries throughout the year. According to D. Vanagas, CyberCare should grow to at least 500 employees by 2022. “Our goal is to give talented, young and tech-oriented people a chance. The most important thing is not the previous working experience but the desire to grow together with and within a company,” – says the head of CyberCare.

CyberCare has long been a top-level customer service center and in the inner incubator for the tech talent – as many as two-thirds of team leaders grew up in the company.

“This is a significant achievement that will help us manage our customer service processes even better,” says Eimantas Sabaliauskas and Tomas Okmanas, co-founders of Tesonet.