July 19, 2023

The Invaluable Growth of Values Ambassadors

by Margarita Kondratovič

Training Specialist @ CyberCare

“Hey, wanna make šaltekai?”

I was introduced to Values Ambassadors early in my CyberCare journey. They’re the curators of our company’s culture, a group of extremely creative colleagues who organize events for the rest of us to enjoy. I immediately thought it would be an amazing creative outlet for the millions of ideas on my mind.

My calling came when, one day, a member of theirs approached me and asked, “Hey! Wanna make šaltekai?” Naturally, I couldn’t refuse. They were organizing Šaltibarščiai Day and wanted my help developing the recipes. Not only did we make an original, vegan cold beetroot soup, but we also threw in some Mexican and Greek twists! And yes, they turned out to be so delicious that I still make Greek šaltibarščiai at home to this day. Apart from offering beetroot goodness, we raised money for Ukraine by selling cute stickers. After so much meaningful fun, I was fired up! So, I joined Values Ambassadors as soon as the registrations were open.

It’s tough to explain everything we do in just one sentence. We have brainstorming sessions where everyone gets to share their ideas, we organize events, celebrate diversity, create interesting and engaging projects, and much, much more!

In my opinion, Values Ambassadors are invaluable for any company. Lacking a culture at work is a sure way of having your employees head en route to burnout. VA initiatives can definitely help with this issue, as events and projects bring a nice distraction from the hustle and bustle. Besides that, VA glues people together from various walks of work. Support agents, QA people, team leads, and many more make our brainstorming sessions amazing! Thanks to the fact that everyone has a unique perspective, there’s zero sense of judgment.

The VA initiative isn’t just a contribution to our community or for building a strong bond with your colleagues; it’s also a fantastic place for your personal growth. Have a hobby you want to share with others? Go ahead! Maybe you want to improve a particular skill — that’s welcome! As they say, the world is your oyster.