March 24, 2023

To the Stars: From Customer Success Manager to Cyber Security Analyst

by Lukas Pumputis

Customer Success Manager

Originally came to CyberCare only expecting a part-time job while going to University and had no expectations, really. After working for around half a year here, I already began telling people how working at CyberCare helped me improve as a person and how this is an ideal first job for anyone still deciding what career they want to follow later on. 

Initially, I was quite shy and would come to work only to work and be done after. This began to change quite quickly as my first Team Lead, Dovydas, began to have high expectations for me and would give me a lot of extra tasks where I could shine. This helped me to become more extroverted. This also made me a good team player and a person that people would come to when they needed help.

The first additional task I took after around 4-5 months was the Advanced cases team; this helped me to realize that I was really into a more techy field since a lot of Advanced cases had cases where you would need to test how things worked yourself or go looking for information in forums. Another additional task that I took was Mentorship. I took this task because I wanted to become even more social and also help newbies improve. I did exactly that and really enjoyed being a mentor. In my career in CyberCare, I had around 15 mentees, and each one was a great experience. I would never change my decision to choose this task. 

And the most important task that I took on myself was becoming a Shift Manager. I feel like anyone who wants to improve their career, no matter in which field, should try to become a Shift Manager as you get great experiences and can keep growing as a person as there are always new challenges that you need to face. In the process, you get a lot of knowledge on handling different situations. You need to take a lot of responsibility in managing a shift, and you get to show your passion for work simultaneously. 

Now more about my career path, I was always sure I wanted to do something related to Cyber Security, but working at CyberCare helped me move towards it. I took Cyber Security Specialist training hosted by Nord Security. This really solidified my opinion on what I wanted as my future career. This training had around 16 people join and around 4 finish it. After it, we had a couple of job offers that we could apply to, but at the time, I decided that it was still too early to take a full-time day job because of University, so I passed on it for now. 

Fast forward a bit more than half a year, there was a Nord Switch internship opportunity which I tried to apply to but was not taken as I lacked main knowledge compared to another main applicant. After this, it was quite hard as I was really down that I was not picked, but my colleagues and new TL at the time, Gedas, were supportive and helped me keep my motivation to push forward and not let this be the end. I ended up asking Team Lead from Nord Security for feedback, and why I was not picked, it was great feedback as to what I could keep improving. 

So since then, I have kept learning most of the fundamentals required for any Cyber Security position. As well, I felt like my interview skills could have been better as my job at CyberCare is the first job where I had a good interviewing process. My current Team Lead Gedas offered to help me with this, and we had a couple of meets that helped me tremendously. He not only had great methods to help me learn but also taught me how to do good homework before interviews to feel ready and confident. 

And now coming to an end, recently I saw an open position for a Cyber Security Analyst. I saw it instantly because our lovely People Partner Gintarė Grinė pinged me. It feels amazing when even HR knows their colleagues and can do something like this, which made me feel even more comfortable applying. So having had one failure with the Nord Switch program, I managed to improve my knowledge as I kept learning what was mentioned in feedback from Team Lead, and I was feeling really good about my interview skills since Gedas helped me with it. I was finally able to get a job in a field that I always wanted! 

So really, I could not be more grateful to all of the people I met during my career at CyberCare as CSM/SM, as most people impacted shaping what I am now. Now I will try my hardest in my new career, and I hope more people from CyberCare support can have great success stories!