February 28, 2023

Working at CyberCare – discovering your strengths and finding empowerment

by Ugnė Stankevičiūtė

Customer Success Manager

Having worked at a couple customer service positions of varying levels of responsibility, I always found myself looking for more. Looking to provide more meaningful experience for the customer, more meaning for myself and the work I do. This search would get entangled in protocols, common procedures, and corporate mazes. Having approached 4 months of working at CyberCare, I think I have found exactly what I was looking for. 


So, what have I finally found while working as a Customer Success Manager?


Agency and responsibility

Our customers come to us with all sorts of questions and concerns, often requiring an immediate solution. I am sure many of us have had instances of poor customer service experiences in which the problem is not resolved and it seems that nobody actually wants or has the capacity to help. This makes us dreadful about getting in contact ever again. 

Conversely, having such a hands-on approach and freedom to handle issues our customers face helps me build trust with my customers and to gain a sense of agency for myself since I am taking ownership of customer issues and finding solutions.



Approaching a complex issue can at first seem puzzling. This is my first job in a tech related field and before starting working at CyberCare, I was really worried I would be met with a difficult question and I would have no clue how to help. So, where do I ever start with this one? The answer is: the knowledge bases and my team. The endless resources as well as patient and attentive colleagues have proven to be the key elements to build relationships and succeed as an agent. 

And once the solution is found, I really feel like I gained XP as a Customer Success Manager and everyday I find more and more confidence in myself professionally and helping newbies on top of that. 



Lastly, working here has shown that patience and kindness are the key to bringing Wow! Drive to the experience. These traits help ease a stressful or complicated situation. As a result, these qualities do not go unnoticed! Being appreciated by customers for the patience I have shown is really rewarding: you know that you have made a difference in someone’s day.