July 28, 2021

Working @Cybercare. Sigita the batman insights!

by Sigita Slavickaitė

Customer Success Team Supervisor

How would you describe CyberCare culture? 

The company name CyberCare contains “care” not without reason – it’s here for both customers and employees. Every colleague regardless of their position is on the same page with others. We are all partying together, having meetings and transparent communication. It’s like working with best friends. 

What is your favorite thing about working for CyberCare? Why?

The custom emojis created in Slack make the whole communication through the computer next level. People are so creative and it became hard for me to communicate with my friends who are not working here and not using these emojis cause these are so AWESOME. Moreover, the office is amazing and my heart is singing by the fact that work buddies have come back after the quarantine. 

Do you have any tips for any newbies who are about to join us?

Not to be afraid, not to be afraid and not to be afraid one more time! We’re as excited to meet new people as they are to join us.

What is your most memorable experience whilst working here?

The most valuable and memorable experience was leadership training and communicating with my mentor. Although I have passed more trainings that are offered in our company, these were my favorite and have helped me to become the shift supervisor I am today. I am already looking forward to training on a new topic! And I got a great mentor who takes the position of a team leader, so I got a lot of useful tips on how to do my own work more effectively and learned some tricks and tips for the future.

What has changed about you since joining Cybercare?

With all the support, trust, and helpful advice from colleagues, I haven’t only become more professional in the field of work, but also strengthened my personality in general. Now I’m much better at thinking critically, not getting lost in critical situations and accepting these as a fully manageable challenge in exchange for a priceless experience. In the beginning, I came as Didi and now I will feel like Dexter in the CyberCare laboratory. 

Have you found a new friend here? 

Not only did I make friends, but I also discovered a number of already familiar faces. I am happy to have made friends at CyberCare with whom I’m not only excited to work, but also to meet during the days off. 

What is your favorite part of the day? 

Daily stand-ups at the beginning of the shift to discuss all the news with the colleagues are definitely the most enjoyable part of the day. There we share all the news related to our job as well as all the random fun stuff, our daily achievements, where we found the best pizza in town, or what exciting movie we watched on the day off. Communication is key to a strong team.

Which is the place in the office you like the most?

My favorite place in the office is definitely the roof terrace. Since I work nights, I feel privileged to catch most sunrises a week there and believe me, it’s pure magic. On this terrace, I meet or get to know colleagues from other floors, and when I come alone, I can dream peacefully on a comfortable chair and enjoy the city skyline. 

What would you tell your friends about CC in one sentence?

Every day at work is just a mini new year, it’s a great place for those who constantly have new ideas and enthusiasm because with exactly the same colleagues everything becomes possible.

Where is customer success taking you? 

I would love to take a role in the SEO field. When I came to work in CyberCare, I still didn’t know exactly what career path I wanted to take, but after talking to various colleagues and listening to their stories about the positions, I made up my mind.