December 22, 2022

You can do a little bit more everyday✨

by Saulė Aleksandravičiūtė

Training Specialist

Hearing my name for the Q3 Training team Rockstar was surprising. After all, it is not an easy title to achieve. Every trainer works hard and pushes themselves to be better than yesterday. Each helps another out with various tasks, which is visible with the team’s newest members too. So yes, not an easy position to fill in and I am grateful to be seen as such a person in the training team.

But what does it mean to be a rockstar or a “good” trainer? Aside from all the personal quirks, I’d say it is a combination of the CyberCare values. If you try to push yourself to be at least 1% better every day, if you’re going to do your job a little bit better each time and not settle for that average performance, you are certain to move forward. If you are accepting the fact that you have yet a lot to learn and you keep seeking that knowledge, it’s going to benefit not only you but the people you work with. And to be honest, you will not go far (or at least not as fast) without your team, without their support and input on your performance. The more you have to give, the more you have to get and that’s simply it.

And having a sound support system and good communication with the people around you is definitely key. However, there should be an extra shout-out to my Team Lead Šarūnas who time and time again has shown support in everything we do, who has created multiple opportunities for us to grow, and who is always doing so with genuine concern for our well-being.