AI Developer

As a member of the Tesonet accelerator’s family, at CyberCare, we shape the way tech companies provide customer support by adding a human touch mixed with a splash of innovative solutions. Chat by chat, case by case, we challenge norms globally with the magical “hello” that only we know how to deliver. Our teams help customers in 170+ countries, solving over 11 million cases each year.

Join the CyberCare AI Labs team – we create unique AI-powered solutions like chatbots and ticket bots, as well as multilingual support systems from scratch. Your input could make a big difference, shaping how we solve problems for millions of people around the world.

As an AI Developer, side by side with Generative AI and other automation tools, you will be at the helm of implementing AI-based solutions all across CyberCare processes.

What You Will Do

  • Develop and implement AI-driven solutions to automate and enhance customer support processes;
  • Harness your skill in Python to create state-of-the-art AI-driven solutions;
  • Spearhead prompt engineering for global tech giants like OpenAI and others;
  • Collaborate with cross-functional teams to ensure large scale process optimization;
  • Ensure robust stability and reliability in all implemented solutions;
  • Stay at the forefront of tech evolution, tracking emerging technologies and industry trends;
  • Build end-to-end AI solutions, from a proof of concept to a scalable product.

What We Expect

  • Strong proficiency in Python (experience in RESTful API development would be consider as advantage);
  • Strong problem-solving abilities and exceptional attention to detail;
  • Proficiency with LLM and RAG systems;
  • Independence and problem ownership;
  • Good understanding in SQL;
  • Knowledge of prompt engineering techniques, with a track record of writing effective prompts;
  • Familiarity with DevOps practices and tools like Git, Jira, and Docker;
  • Basic understanding of Linux.

What We Offer

  • Career development training  - Internal and external events, online training, conferences,  20 working hours per month for IT studies at Turing College, books - everything you need to reach your full potential.
  • Health benefits - Private health insurance, online workouts or an on-site free gym 24/7, consultations, programs to improve mental health to feel and be your best.  For those who seek flexibility and autonomy in their health-related benefits we give a wallet topped up with funds that you can spend across a variety of health and wellness services. 
  • Comfort - Hybrid work, offices based in Vilnius & Kaunas, and the ability to travel the world while working.
  • Technologies -  Work with us and we will deliver the latest advancements in technology, software, and gadgets to optimize and streamline your daily workflow.  Also, we will provide you with Nord Security products so you can also secure your personal devices!
  • Company Events -  Regular internal events, quarterly team buildings, OKRs events, workshops & workation trips.
  • Office Perks & Public Transportation - Fully stocked kitchens, snacks, drinks, pet friendly offices. Also we offer a discount and encourage using public transportation at a lower cost. 
  • Time off -  Additional time off for rest, for anniversaries, or to celebrate life’s special moments. 
  • Bonus - Discount offers for health, sport, food/drinks, leisure, home/auto services, referral bonuses.
  • Gross salary - 3300 - 6000 EUR/month. Keep in mind that we are open to discussing salary based on your skills and competencies.